Zero Hour Alerts™

Prevention made possible

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Zero Hour Alerts is Cotiviti's answer to the most difficult challenge in retail payment accuracy: preventing margin loss prior to a transaction or event. Our web-based platform gives retailers the advance warning needed to identify, monitor, prioritize, and proactively resolve payment accuracy issues.

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  • Zero Hour Dashboard: Access analytics, reporting, and configurable visualizations from a central dashboard that allows users to identify where margin accuracy is at risk
  • Configurable views: Prioritize alerts and utilize filters to modify views and focus troubleshooting by age of alert, confidence score, workflow status, alert value, alert type, vendor, and more
  • Alert resolution workflows: Update and communicate alert status and track progress to resolution
  • Feedback loop for greater accuracy: Promote continuous improvement by designating a sub-status related to alert resolution and update critical information, such as alert value

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