About Us
Improving payment integrity while maintaining supplier relationships

Cotiviti Retail has a long track record of maximizing recoveries for our clients while preserving the integrity of supplier relationships. We have provided audit services and support across the procure-to-pay lifecycle for 40+ years. Our deep understanding of our clients’ datasets, systems, processes and intersection points allows us to eliminate overpayments and accelerate recoveries much closer to the transaction date, shortening the path to value for our clients.

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Highly experienced audit teams are strategically aligned to keep pace with the unique needs of our clients across diverse industries from retail to manufacturing to healthcare. Our engagements cover goods for resale and indirect spending on goods and services not for resale.

Today we work with 30 of world’s largest retailers and Fortune 1000 companies. Cotiviti serve as the primary audit partner for 85% of our clients. Our commitment to continuous improvement and moving the industry forward is evident in the length of our client relationships – 16.5 years on average.

Cotiviti Retail Connect
Cotiviti Retail Connect can manage and track the status of clients' recovery audits, generate reports, and analyze data.
Audit Link
Audit Link allows Cotiviti Retail clients’ vendors and suppliers to collaborate with the audit team by viewing and approving their audit recovery claims.