Zero Hour Alerts
Prevention made possible

The industry's first true prevention platform

Zero Hour Alerts is Cotiviti's answer to the most difficult challenge in retail payment accuracy—preventing margin loss prior to a transaction or event. Our web-based Zero Hour Alerts software platform gives retailers advance warning needed to monitor, prioritize, and proactively resolve payment accuracy issues.

Powered by Cotiviti's proven proprietary rules and concepts built on a foundation of 40+ years of retail industry experience, the Zero Hour Alerts prevention platform is underpinned by a robust alert catalog that's configurable to meet any retailer's unique business needs.

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A unique prevention solution

Prevention at scale requires industry expertise, proven results, a robust alert catalog that spans today's procure-to-pay processes, and the flexibility to meet any retailer's unique challenges. Cotiviti has invested its time, resources, and 40+ years of know-how to deliver a scalable and configurable prevention solution to meet your unique needs.

  • Error prevention – Resolve issues prior to margin loss, enabled by expedited data ingestion and processing against alert rules and concepts
  • Dynamic client-facing platform and visualizations – Explore insights through a visualization dashboard that empowers users to monitor, prioritize, and manage alerts through to resolution
  • Alert concept catalog – Work with a robust and configurable alert catalog spanning across the industry's current procure-to-pay processes
  • Flexible solution – Deploy as a technology-only solution or as technology-enabled prevention services
  • Proven results – Benefit from a solution built on a foundation of recovery history and industry expertise
A pendulum graphic showing how 30-70% of current post-pay audit work can shift forward to prevention and acceleration.

Source: 24-month rolling analysis of postpay audit recoveries across current Cotiviti Retail clients.

Explore your prevention opportunities

Preventive analytics and alerts address margin loss early, often prior to transaction and funding events. These technologies have the potential to impact from 30-70% of current postpay audit recoveries before margin loss occurs or within 90 days of transaction, improving the accuracy of your financial results in real time.

Acceleration and the value beyond prevention

The web-based Zero Hour Alerts software platform empowers retailers to prevent margin loss when possible. However, the value of alerts stretches well beyond prevention as retailers gain the ability to accelerate error resolution to even earlier intervention points.

These accelerated recovery activities can occur up to 90 days after transaction and offer a number of additional benefits:

  • Margin reporting: Deliver improved margin reporting within the current fiscal quarter
  • Financial Impact: increase in-year operating income and improve cash flow
  • Supplier Negotiations: drive accuracy of buyer and supplier negotiations
A graph explaining when the last chance to correct an error and avoid margin loss is.

Platform tour: Dashboard, alert manager, and alert details

The web-based Zero Hour Alerts software platform consists of essentially three layers: a visualization dashboard, alert manager, and an alert detail layer.


Zero Hour Visualization Dashboard

The Zero Hour Alerts visualization dashboard is a user's starting point to assess the overall alert landscape. Insights displayed via the dashboard allow users to quickly identify sources of potential margin loss and prioritize corrective action. Users are afforded tremendous flexibility as information displayed can be filtered on several elements including alert value, alert type, vendor, department, confidence score, and aging.

An example of what the Zero Hour Alerts visualization dashboard looks like.


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