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Contract compliance audit solutions

Contracts are at the core of any successful vendor partnership. But contracts that over-promise and under-deliver can result in millions of dollars lost and cause irreparable damage to critical business relationships. That’s why the specialists behind Cotiviti’s Contract Compliance audit solutions dive into contract foundations to identify compliance shortfalls, surface corresponding payment errors, highlight insufficient contract controls, and identify risk.

Cotiviti’s approach relies on market-leading data mining and artificial intelligence (AI) to design high-impact contract compliance audit programs. Download our solution overview and learn about our Audit Value Index (AVI) that prioritizes your organization’s most valuable vendor agreements where profit loss is likely occurring and there is a high probability of recovering funds.


  • Recover as much as 1–5% of auditable indirect spend
  • Increase transparency into vendor billing practices
  • Develop more operational rigor around in a critical part of the business
  • Explore future cost savings opportunities and prevent leakage
  • Strengthen client-vendor relationships by setting clear performance expectations  

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