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Recovery Audit

Our comprehensive recovery audit digs deep into transactional data to unlock hidden value and find financial leakage across a retailer’s vast supplier network. Cotiviti relies on a combination of technology, experienced auditors, and deep domain expertise to accelerate error resolution and increase the value of recoveries for our clients by shifting them closer to the transaction. Our experienced auditors deliver a high level of accuracy (low payback rate) and performance (high catch rate) for the largest retailers in North America. We offer conventional recovery auditing as primary or secondary pass, a Cotiviti-hosted audit platform to support internal teams, and outsourcing support. Finally, we are breaking new ground with an Integrated Audit that brings internal and primary teams together to eliminate artificial barriers to acceleration.  



  • Improve relationships with suppliers and merchants by resolving disputes earlier in the financial lifecycle
  • Free up cash flow and inject money back into critical business operations  
  • Improve the accuracy of quarterly financial reporting and forecasting  
  • Remove friction and inefficiencies related to compliance and settlement of claims 

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