Case Study
Top 10 retailer accelerates postpay recoveries with Zero Hour Alerts™

A top 10 national retailer with $72 billion in annual revenue was experiencing significant real-time margin loss due to recurring issues with its deal management systems and processes. As the retailer's longterm partner for post-audit recovery services for more than 10 years, Cotiviti collaborated with multiple stakeholders to develop a novel business solution: Zero Hour Alerts™.

Zero Hour Alerts is Cotiviti's answer to the most difficult challenge in retail payment accuracy: preventing margin loss prior to a transaction or event. Our web-based software platform gives retailers the advance warning needed to monitor, prioritize, and proactively resolve payment accuracy issues. Preventive analytics and alerts address margin loss at the earliest point of detection, often prior to transaction and funding events.

Read our new case study and learn how Cotiviti deployed Zero Hourt Alerts to help the retailer achieve:

  • $23M in average annual value
  • Acceleration of issue resolution to within 90 days of transaction
  • Greater visibility and ability to prioritize payment error resolution

Download the case study