Solution Information
Zero Hour Alerts

Zero Hour Alerts™ is Cotiviti’s answer to the most difficult challenge in retail payment accuracy: preventing margin loss prior to a transaction or event. Our web-based Zero Hour Alerts software platform gives retailers the advance warning needed to monitor, prioritize, and proactively resolve payment accuracy issues. Preventive analytics and alerts address margin loss at the earliest point of detection, often prior to transaction and funding events. These technologies have the potential to impact from 30-70% of current postpay audit recoveries—representing roughly $575 million in leakage across major retailers — before margin loss occurs or within 90 days of transaction, improving the accuracy of your financial results in real time.

The value of prevention stretches well beyond the elimination of postpay recovery audit claims. Additional benefits to retailers include:

  • Margin Reporting: deliver improved margin reporting within the current fiscal quarter
  • Financial Impact: increase in-year operating income and improve cash flow
  • Supplier Negotiations: drive accuracy of buyer and supplier negotiations

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